How I roll

All groomers have their own style and methods, but here are the steps of how I approach grooming/styling a pet:

  • Listen to what the customer wants.
  • Estimate what is possible to accomplish due to the coat condition, and mattes are usually the biggest issue. I refuse to hurt an animal just to make him/her look good, and if de-matting the pet in order to keep the hair longer would be painful, then shaving is the only solution. Please take note that I do not shave cats/lion cuts anymore, as I find it too challenging to do by myself in the van.
  • Agree with the customer on what will be done.
  • Work with the pet’s unique features (shape, colors, etc). I always do my best to enhance the pet’s positive attributes and make their not so good angles subtler.



It's not because we don't need a haircut, that we can't have our picture up!